Every one of us would love our home to be unique, and stand out from all of the other homes in the area. At the same time, we still want it to look like it belongs within the surrounding environment.

Designing the exterior of any home is no easy task, there are so many important details to consider before beginning any exterior remodelling project. Some details to consider would be, what colours are you going to use, the type of materials that would work best with your budget, and making sure that all the shapes and angles will work together.

Before remodelling the exterior of any home, be sure to contact us and we can help you get a head start on your exterior remodelling project with a modern up to date feel.

Here are 5 home exterior remodelling ideas for you to consider for your next renovation project.

Front Door Face Lift

Giving your front door a brand new look is an affordable and easy remodelling project. There are a few ways to approach this idea.

You can paint the door a bright or bold colour if your home has a lot of natural tones on the exterior. This will give your home a great colour contrast.

If a door replacement is needed our team at ACC Construction can help you decide on a few amazing modern or contemporary door designs that will work best with your home’s characteristics.

Another option that you can try is looking into a solid slab door with a sidelight window or two sidelight windows on the sides of the slab door; the sidelight windows can be glass or an elegant wood lattice to create a stunning light pattern.

One last idea when it comes to your homes front door would be to have it custom built with a beautiful modern wood pattern that has a transparent glass panel to bring out the natural wood colour of the door. This style of door will surely give your home a luxurious feel to it.

Exterior Textures and Materials

The list of exterior materials and textures are endless. From roof shingles, various siding options to stucco, brick or wood finishes. There are just far too many to choose from. Sometimes it can even seem difficult which one will work best for your home. At ACC Contracting we have the right people to help you understand what will be the right choice for you and the exterior of your home.

It’s best to try and balance the durability of a material with the beauty of its textures along with the affordability of the items. (Can you afford it? Will I like the way it looks? Can it withstand our Canadian weather all year?) To avoid any costly mistakes be sure to contact one of our skilled specialists to help you choose the best materials that will work for you and your budget.

Make a Statement with Landscaping

Landscaping any yard requires a lot of preparation and planning. Some factors to consider before you start any landscaping project, – Do you love to entertain outdoors? Do you enjoy gardening? Or do you have any pets or children in your family?

All of these questions will help you decide how you should plan your landscaping renovations. Before you start to dig up any part of your yard you need to know what style and design will work best with the exterior of your home. At ACC Construction we will be more than happy to offer our services for any landscaping requirement you may need and answer any questions you have.

Remember it takes time for any plant to get their roots fully established and be able to grow stronger and bigger. Try to be patient, and your hard work will pay off in the end. The sooner to begin the sooner you will have a beautiful mature lawn to truly make a real statement to awe about.

Don’t Leave Your Home in the Dark

Not many of us want our home to feel dark and unwelcoming. Having the proper lighting on any home is very important for the safety of the home and the homeowners. The right lighting can also offer a beautiful and welcoming feel to the home at night time. Besides the normal lights fixtures that we have at every entrance doors and garage door around our homes, there are additional outdoor lighting options available that can be placed in different areas on the exterior portion of any home.

Choosing lights that complement the style of your home would be the best option for exterior renovations. Traditional or contemporary homes look great with a lantern style light fixtures hanging over the entranceway of the home or on either side of a door. If you have a modern style home try looking for a vertical steel light to add a sleek appeal to the home.

One other idea to consider when adding lights to the exterior of your home, adding pot lights under the eavestrough of the roof can add a delightful visual feature too.

Know what Colors will Work Best

So many colour choices to choose from!
How would you decide on what colours would be best for the exterior of your home? Do you like bold colours or would you prefer natural colours? There are a few ways to help you make your choice a little bit easier. Try to choose exterior colours that will be appealing at all times and that will work with the surroundings of the home. If you live in a forest region try a lighter colour to allow your home to be seen and not hidden. Like any other decorating project having the right colours is very important. It can hide any imperfections or it can draw unwanted attention to the imperfections.

The safest approach to take when selecting more than one colour for the exterior of the home would be to choose two shades or tints from the same paint pallet, but a few shades apart. If you choose a lighter or darker tone for the overall portion of the house, be sure to use the opposite for the trim around the home. A lighter house would work best with darker trim. And a darker house will look better with a lighter trim. If you want to add a third colour to your home try selecting a complementary colour that will really draw attention to your home and paint your door a bold or bright colour.

So don’t be afraid to try something new!

Knowing how to renovate or remodel the exterior of your home can sometimes be a complicated task to do by yourself. But with a little help from our team at ACC Construction, your home will look amazing!