At this stage in the project, we will start in the execution and full implementation of the Project development plan.

This may include the following activities:

Appoint or work with the Specialist Consultants (Architect/ Engineering Consultants/ Interior Designers)

Development Permit

Building Permit

Detailed Technical Design

Organization of responsibilities and work flow projections

Choice of Building Materials and samples

Preparation of the Building Specifications

Set up of Control and Monitoring Systems

Interior Design Requirements

Detailed Construction Schedule

Early engagement with sub-contractors and suppliers

Preparation of Tender Documents

Identification of long lead items

Final Cost Plans / Cash Flow / Budgets and contingencies

At the end of this stage, we would have completed all the leg work and provided a detailed execution plan that would outline in details the building construction phase.  The project execution plan will include project controls, cash flow forecast, safety management, procurement/supply chain, quality and safety management.