Do you remember how excited you were when you purchased your home? Whether it was a cozy cottage, a condo in the heart of downtown Edmonton, or an amazing family home in the suburbs of our beautiful city we want the same thing. To create a home that is uniquely you. 

Home renovations in Edmonton can be as simple as repainting your home or a full home renovation. Here are a few unique and versatile ways to renovate your home. We chose each on because we think they leave a lasting impression and some ideas you may not have even heard of before.

Update your Kitchens with Modern Conveinences!

1. Double Compartment Dishwasher

Speed up kitchen clean up with a dual compartment dishwasher. Many double draw models have a lot of space for glasses, plates, bowls, and eating utensils.

One really neat feature about the dual compartment dishwasher is that each one is able to run separately. This can save time and money. 

2. End Cabinet Storage

The easiest way to keep your kitchen is by having a place for everything. Piling up all of your cleaning supplies under the sink or stashing the broom and dustpan in the hall closet is not the answer.

By adding a storage cabinet, which from the front, it will look like an ordinary cabinet door including the trim. But from the side, it will be able to open up similar to the rest of your kitchen cupboards. The inside will have an arrangement of shelves and hooks to store almost anything.   


3. Staircase Storage Uses

The space under our stairs tends to be wasted space. Here at ACC Construction we can help you maximize that unwanted space with a few interesting ideas to make a lasting impression.

Built-in Bookcases or a Reading Nook

For the book lovers out there, display your collection with a stunning custom-built bookshelf unit with staggered shelving and even a few cubbies to fit all of your books. If you want to enhance your reading experience, try transforming the space into a little reading nook. All you will need is a few throw pillows and a comfortable spot to sit. 

4. Hidden Pantry Area

How many of us would love to have a convenient spot to store all of our extra kitchen supplies, canned goods, and even all of the household paper products. Creating a convenient cabinet with shelves under the stairs is an amazing way to optimize your storage needs.

5. A Special Place for Your Pet

We can’t forget about our furry four-legged family members. They deserve a cozy place to call their own too. Try renovating the space under your staircase into a pet-friendly area, this will give them a great place to sleep and a special place to keep all their favorite toys. 

6. Powder Room 

You may have thought to yourself, “There is no way possible that a powder room can fit underneath the stairs.” If your stairs are a good height and you have all the right renovation plans anything is possible. When converting the space into a powder room try to keep the components and colors light and neutral, this will allow the room to feel bigger and brighter. Try installing a wall-mounted sink with a decorative mirror and attractive light fixtures above, also feel free to let your true creativity show but adding some of the finer details to make the small space really come alive!

Ready to get really creative? Try these! 

7. Hidden Ceiling Bed

If you’re looking for something that will really add a unique and amazing feature to any home try looking into adding a retractable ceiling bed to your bedroom or guest room. If you are unfamiliar with hidden ceiling beds, try asking some of Edmonton’s local bed manufacturing specialist for more detailed information. The main idea for the hidden ceiling bed is to save floor space. If you only have company and guest stay for a short period of time these beds would be ideal for any guest room. 

8. Fun Family Room Ideas

In-floor Sitting Space
Some may call this choice, “Way too retro.” But on the other hand, some people may call it modern with a retro twist, this idea is very unique there is no lie about that. In-floor sitting spaces became widely popular in the 60s and 70s when family gathering and being able to entertain everyone was a big part of society. Today this design choice would offer anyone a cozy spot to just sit back and relax, all it needs is your imagination to make it the right fit for you.

Indoor Tabletop Fire Pit

This Idea will allow you to enjoy your firepit all year long. The concept of an indoor tabletop fire pit combines the beauty and elegance of an indoor fireplace and the cozy atmosphere of an outdoor fire pit. There are so many unique styles and options to choose from.

If you really want to make your home stand out try adding both of these unique ideas to surely wow your neighbors and guests.

9. A Backyard Paradise

Outdoor living at its best, these amazing ideas can work for almost any backyard.

Beach Themed Fire Pit
This unique idea will create the perfect place for friends and family to get together surrounded by sand, a built-in bonfire pit and comfortable places to sit and enjoy each other’s company. What a perfect place to make some lasting memories for a long time.

Backyard Projection Cinema
Being able to enjoy the whole cinema movie experience right in the comfort of your own backyard has never been easier. All you really need is a digital projection, a few comfy seats and your all set. The good thing about having a backyard cinema is everything is portable and can easily be put away or moved indoors for when the weather is not so great. Convenient and affordable!

10. Outdoor Convenience 

Heated Driveway
Yes, they do really exist. Heated driveways are actually a radiant floor heating system that is designed for outdoor usage. Each system is installed underneath the driveway so it’s not too exposed to the elements. Having the system installed won’t make winter melt away any faster than normal but it will save you so much time and a little money in the long run.

Try incorporating some of these remodeling ideas to really make your home one of a kind!

Our team at ACC Construction can help you make the most of your home.